DAY 11: ALLEGRIA!!! Oups I Mean Algeria!

Wow, I apologize to all readers. I havent updated my blog in a few days now. I’ll make it up to you. Well on day 11, we faced Algeria.
A team that we did not have a chance to play in the past so we did not really know them. The coaches staff did get a chance to get a hold on some video tapes of previous games that they’ve played so we could come up a game plan. We finished with the score of 87-61. We won this game. I’m really proud of how our team is playing. I finished top scorer of the team but it was basicly because of all the effort of our lower classes such as Abdi, Chad and Tyler, working really hard helping me getting as close to the basket possible. So my points are basily all 2 feet from the basket. There should be a stat in wheelchair basketball for sealing so the lower classes can get more recognition.

This game is a real confidence booster for us because on day 12, We face France. A team that is filled with talent that has overall fast speed and height. I know most of the players on that team because of the year Iplayed in their league in 2006.

Here is a link to the post-game interview that my Teammate Bo Hedges made after this game.

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