On this day, We faced the French. In the morning we had a video session. Clips that showed they’re strenght and tendencies. France has ont of the fastest players in the world. A friend of mine named Sofyan. He is a class 3. The coaches named him as the number 1 threat for France. I was excited to play France since I played 1 season there before. I did make some great friends there but my experience as a basketball player, I din’t like at all. Mostly because of the way my team in Paris ran things and they’re ways of viewing the game. Anyways, enough of the past and let’S come back to the NOW.
France has a very fast team and have some decent height. It was not going to be easy. And tough the game was because we were losing by 4 at half time. We struggled with the full court press they put on us and it seemed that they were hitting every shot they took. We knew that was going to happen even though they lost by 3 to Mexico the day before. Teams tend to do that to us. They tend to come on hitting everything when they shoot the ball against us. I kept telling my teammates at half time, just keep doing the little things and thats how we were going to win this. So we did. We were able to go on a run on France and never looked back. That lead was created by textbook basketball team work which gave us lots of transition lay-ups. Richard Peter, The Man called BEAR, had a awesome game shooting 8 for 10 with 7 assists. We were really happy with his win. A Win that we can use for the futur that shows and remind us, that if we keep playing the game fundamentals, we can overcome any challenges and make it easier on us. Team Ball won this game.

You can find my french interview on this link:

and Joey Johnson’s interview on:

we won this game 67-55.

Later that night, we went to the movies again with a few of the guys. BO, Dirt, Ross, Joey, Tyler and myself. We went to see Predators. I was pretty dissapointed. The casting was horrible. It was a good team bonding outing.

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