Wow, It’s been over a year now that I have posted something here but I assure you I’m back and I will be taking all of you on my journey. The Road to London 2012. Yes it is official, The Canadian wheelchair basketball Team has
qualified for the 2012 London Paralympics. We just came back from the Qualifiers at Parapanam Games that were held in Guadalajara, Mexico. We came back with the Bronze medal. We barely made it. Only the top 3 teams of these games qualified for the paralympics. The results were deceiving, but they were a real character builder. Besides the results, I must of had one of the best times in a very long time. Lots of memories will be engraved in me of theses games such as one of my best buddies on the team Dave Durepos having the honor of being flag bearer at the opening ceremonies, wrestling masks and fights, lots of pics of fans, the games, hanging out with the athletes at the athletes lounge, and much much more. I will be covering these topics soon enough.
By popular demand, I have decided also to take you on the journey with me from now till London. Lots of people have been requesting how I am planning to prepare for this journey so I will be taking you with me. I will post more often, topics like my training, my competitions results, nutrition, and more… I was surprise to know that other people than my teammates were actually reading my posts. One time at a local tournament in Quebec city, the mother a young kid told me that her son loved reading my posts and hopes that I will continue. Knowing that others are interested is definitely motivating for me to continue my blog especially this year. In the past year that I have not wrote anything,there was lots of changes in my life and lots of events that is worth sharing with you. There was the Heroes Tour, the Players camp that I hosted, last year France & Belgium Tournament where we met Keanu Reeves clone, The return of the legendary Patrick Anderson one of my best friends. These stories I will share also. As for my personal life, I decided to lose 30 lbs to be faster, lighter, quicker for my sport. Other big changes also such as the end of my 4 year relationship almost already 3 months ago.
Lots of changes happened but I am back, with a whole new attitude, refreshed strength, and a unbreakable focus as we, my readers and I, embark into this ROAD TO LONDON.
Even Team Canada has a new vision….. EVERYDAY IN EVERY WAY!
My first stop for now is to make Team Canada. Selection Camp is in January. 5 weeks from now in Vegas. That will be our first step.
Thank you all for your patience. But trust me, from now on, If you thought my accomplishments were great, You have seen nothing else…….
Let IT BEGIN!!!!!!

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